What We Do

R&D Projects

In times of rapid automation, software development process is often based on the use of ready components. However, they must be designed and constructed earlier. UpLogic creates efficient algorithmic and communication solutions for custom programming problems. Thanks to our experience in project implementation – both in and outside our alma mater, we can design a unique solution. We specialize in areas such as: optimization, artificial intelligence, computer networks, Internet of things, analysis or processing of medical data and images, social media data analysis and visualization. In the case of challenges from other areas, we know where to find specialists.


Thanks to our experience in technology transfer and commercialization in the field of ICT projects, we offer consulting services in which we: run technological audit, prepare opinions of innovation, technological expertise, we evaluate technologies and solutions and check their market potential. We also undertake the comprehensive management of the innovation process in ICT area during creation of new or revised product or service – from the proof of concept stage to the phase of preparation for the implementation, including a complete business model. Thanks to a wide network of contacts in the world of science and business we are able to construct a consortium of scientific and industrial partners for R&D projects.

Open Innovations

We are open to partnership in common business projects based on ICT. The result of the cooperation in an open innovation model is a new or modified product or service that partners jointly design, prepare to deploy and bring to the market. For our part, we offer not only technological competencies, but also development of the business model, business plan and marketing strategy. We willingly undertake multidisciplinary projects, especially concerning IT and medicine. We can also identify sources of R&D funding and be actively involved in the process of raising funds (private or public).