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R&D Projects

In times of rapid automation, software development process is often based on the use of ready components. However, they must be designed and constructed earlier. UpLogic creates efficient algorithmic and communication solutions for custom programming problems. Thanks to our experience in project implementation – both in and outside our alma mater, we can design a unique solution.
We specialize in areas such as: image processing and recognition, optimization, artificial intelligence, computer networks, Internet of things, social media data analysis and visualization. In the case of challenges from other areas, we know where to find specialists.

We implement R&D project http://www.aval-project.pl which has been recognized as a breakthrough innovation by the National Center of Research and Development in Poland, the project value is 2.5 mln €. It is the largest project in Poland in an application research area.


Thanks to our experience in technology transfer and commercialization, we offer consulting services for technological audit, technological expertise, R&D project planning, raising funds and implementation.

We have obtained funding for three R&D projects (including two our own) for a total amount of 2.5 mln €. We have analyzed over a dozen R&D projects including six applications for co-financing. We have developed eight R&D projects, one of them has already be completed with implementation. We reviewed several dozen applications of R&D projects for the National Center of Research and Development in Poland and European Commision (Horizon 2020).


Basing on our long-term teaching experience and university background, we can offer training services in the area of: customer development method, planning, raising funds, and implementation of R&D projects.

We have prepared and conducted several R&D trainings and workshops for researchers and companies.

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